FAME Hair Extensions has been established since 2009 and has been one of the industry’s first manufacturers of heat resistant fibre synthetic hair extensions. There has been a recent influx of other heat fibre hair on the UK market but not all are the same.

You may have come across terms like tongable synthetic, memory hair, thermo fibre, Futura and Kanekalon fibres also known as KK hair. These are all man-made fibres and can come from mostly Chinese and Japanese origin.

The F.A.M.E Diamond Collection

F.A.M.E (which means Fabulous Affordable Manageable Extensions) has its factory located in Henan province in China and source our raw materials from the best manufacturers in the region. Our strict grading system and quality control ensures that the FAME Diamond Collection is made to the highest standards and meets every customer’s expectation. 

The FAME Diamond Collections has served many A-list celebrities and featured in magazines including MORE magazine, SHOUT magazine, Hair Ideas, The INDEPENDENT and ITV’s DAYBREAK websites. In October of 2013, the FAME Diamond Collection was exhibited at London’s most extravagant hair show, Salon International where the brand attracted many international stylists and also London’s celebrity hair stylists Rio Hair.

The Hair Extensions Range

The F.A.M.E Diamond Collection can resist heat of up to 200 degrees Celsius (180 degrees C recommended) and it be curled to your desired style. It is highly recommended to ready the curling instructions enclosed in the pack when you receive your package, watch the video on how to curl fame diamond collection or visit the blog page on this website by clicking here and learn how to curl it before you unravel the hair from the pack, as the curling method is slightly different from natural hair.

The great thing about the F.A.M.E Diamond Collections is that it cost less than 50% of real extensions which means you can buy 2 packs and it will still be cheaper than one pack of real locks. Another great feature of the Diamond Collection is that whilst curled it will stay curled until you straighten it again with your hair straighteners, unlike real hair which will loose its curls after a days wear.

It can be washed, dried with hair dryers and cannot be dyed but due to the cost and the variety of colours available to choose from, you can have 2 different packs and still be quids in.

The Klyppz Diamond Collection is our clip in range and it is specifically designed to make every lady’s life easier by just clipping it in within 5 minutes. It boasts of the widest array of colours to suit anyone’s requirements. With shades of Greys, Brondes, Darks, Brunettes, Reds, Highlights, Dip Dyes and Ombre to colour single streaks called Axentz. The collection also boasts of a wide range of clip in hair extensions with lengths of up to 26″ and full head sets weighing up to 200 grams.

We have wrap around ponytails, clip in fringes, buns, scrunchies, wigs and one-piece sets also called half wigs.

The FAME Hair Extensions Presentation

The FAME Diamond Collection hairpieces and clip in sets are presented in a lovely black box (subject to availability), tied with a fuchsia pink ribbon and wrapped with a branded repeat tissue paper which makes our brand not just a luscious product to buy but also less plastic usage which helps the environment.

FAME Diamond Collection Hair Box


The packaging can also serve as a storage box for when you take your locks our after use and will look lush on any girl’s dressing table due to its glossy black, chrome silver detail and a ribbon coloured with every girls favourite colour pink.



The F.A.M.E Diamond Collection Video

There is something even more important to us at FAME Hair Extensions that motivated us to focus on the importance of promoting the man-made fibre instead of real human hair extensions. And that is the ethical side of it.

Even though we lost about 67% of out sales after our decision to seize from producing our own brands, the F.A.M.E Platinum Collection (Remy virgin hair) and F.A.M.E Crystal Collection (Human processed hair), we are very confident that our loyal customers will see the real benefits of using this optimum quality range of heat friendly hair extensions.

There are so many factors that relate to heat resistant fibre hair. Like everything there are pros and cons but the Diamond Collection has overall many benefits, advantages over real human hair and it is ethically sourced. Please take 2 minutes of your time to watch this enlightening video.

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